Daily Sketch Practice

Airbnb (CRAP)

due February 3, 2020


Do you have vacation in your mind? If so, we have the perfect weekend homework assignment for you! 🌴🍹Prepare your suitcase because, we’re visiting Airbnb. Yeah! Nice apartments, experiences, but… CRAP! Did they forget something?

Check this file and analyze what’s wrong. Please, be specific! Which CRAP principle is not applied? What can be better?

Once you write this down in the Sketch file, propose a better solution. Since we all like nice apartments, let’s do it in High Fidelity (yes, with pictures and everything!) and, create nested symbols to make your life easier.

Since no one wants the vacations to finish we’ll have to time-box ourself… This time, for 1 hour.

Are you done? Add the files to this folder and grab a mojito!