In this 9-week course, we will be exploring user experience and user interface design, with a brief supplement in front-end web development.

Unit 1 Design Thinking

We will explore the overall design process, from research through prototyping design concepts. The primary goal in this unit is to start developing our ability to draw connections between user insights and design decisions.

Unit 2 Mobile Design

We will learn the fundamentals of interface and interaction design, borrowing from general visual design basics, and focusing specifically on their application in mobile screen-based interfaces. This unit is especially practice-oriented, as the goal is to become more comfortable and familiar with design tools to prototype interfaces, and to develop usable and appealing designs by exploring the design space thoroughly.

Unit 3 Web Design

We will dig deeper into the inner workings of user experience design by exploring methods for organizing content and decomposing tasks that users can complete with our interfaces.

Unit 4 Web Development

Throughout the course, we will explore the basics of HTML and CSS, culminating in a hackathon with some of the web development students. The goal will be to get more comfortable with fundamental web technologies, in order to create your personal website and be more prepared to work with developers.

Unit 5 Working with Clients

We will close out the class with a two-week final project period, where you’ll work to develop a project based on a challenge proposed by a client. During these weeks, focus will be on completing the project. There will be a limited amount of class time focused on reviewing and extending topics explored earlier in the course.

Unit 6 Career Services

Find a job!

Unit 7 Visual Design

I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and bright.