CSS animation practice

Our photographer friend is happy with what we have, but he wants you to experiment a little more so why don’t we apply animations to the website?

Check the documentation from MDN and CSS Tricks and create some fun animations for the website. Let’s create the first one together:


  1. Open with your code editor the wedding practice folder
  2. We’ll be animating the first picture, the one that is actually a link. In order to do that let’s create a class for the img tag using class="main-picture"
  3. We want that when we hover over the picture it gets bigger and its opacity changes a bit. To do that we need to state in the CSS that the initial width of this class is 650px.
  4. Now create another selector that refers to main-picture but only when hovering. Use .main-picture:hover
  5. Write in the code that you want the width to be 700px when on hover. Check if it works!
  6. Now, let’s play with the opacity and give it a value of .80.
  7. If you check the transition you’ll see that is a little sudden. To make it more smooth let’s say to the .main-picture selector that when a transition occurs, the duration has to be 1 second.
  8. Check the result and find at least two other animations to apply!